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WOW WoTLK Classic and only the hardcore

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WOW WOTLK Classic Gold had 2 invite me to guilds and one guy in particularly asked me where I had been at in the journey, I informed him I was having a tough time with deadmines and he partied with me and assisted through the dungeon and the rest of my questing (we clicked quests). Nevertheless at lvl 45 I'm running into lots of friendly people and I'm in a super useful and chatty guild. Take one step into a game like Call of Duty and you'll run screaming from the constant toxicity. WoW has a good neighborhood from what I have experienced. There is definitely more good than poor.

I believe it's hard for a whole lot of heroic guilds and fresh guilds specifically right now. Lots of folks are seemingly leaving WOW WoTLK Classic and only the hardcore, attached playerbase is staying behind in hopes that the next expansion will be good. Additionally, it happens that a good deal of these WOW players already have guilds so they're not in the market for a new guild. Most of the targeted individuals that join and leave or do not appear are individuals that are essentially on the verge of quitting until the next expansion anyways and they may believe that joining a new guild is what is gonna receive them to continue playing till they realize it's not gonna work out.

As somebody in a guild that does mythic I've even noticed the lack of new recruits and individuals slowly bleeding out of the roster, especially now as it is the last raid tier and this patch is gon na na tug for a long ass time, so folks leave to do other stuff until the following expansion. Even I am not playing as knowingly as I used to because I think this patch is dreadful, I only log to get a weekly raid and 1 night to run keys together with my M+ team (down from the normal 3 nights we had to operate ) and spend all of my remaining spare time replaying the Bioshock, Fallout and Devil May Cry series while awaiting shadowlands to edge a bit closer.

I am not someone who recruits for a guild nor a GM/officer but I believe the best thing to do right now is just wait for when shadowlands is going to fall as people will return due to the hype and there is going to be a flood of returning and new guildless folks seeking to trial. In other words, if your guild can survive that long. This is my expertise.

It has been a problem for weeks and it was finally the breaking point for the leadership. The raid team has changed during every grade of BfA. Having to looking for a new guild on Retail stinks on Stormrage, especially at the end of the expac. I'm thinking of just rerolling Horde or playing on WOTLK Classic Gold a smaller server to find a new guild to cover with.