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What is Xanax Xr 3mg?

Xanax XR 3mg is a popular anti-anxiety medication. It is a brand name for a generic drug called Alprazolam. Xanax effectively treats anxiety and panic symptoms.

It comes in several colors and shapes. Each has a different strength of Alprazolam. Xanax 3mg is a common form of Xanax XR and has the properties of Xanax.

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What are the precautions one should follow while taking Xanax XR 3mg?

Though beneficial for people suffering fromanxiety and panic, Xanax XR 3mg must be cautiously consumed as it can lead to adverse effects if not taken correctly. People consuming Xanax XR 3mg for an extended period may be prone to these extreme withdrawal symptoms.



What are the possible side effects of using Xanax XR 3mg?

Xanax Xr 3mg is more potent than any other benzodiazepine drug. If a patient with zero tolerance takes Xanax xr 3mg, the drug will likely send him to sleep for hours. If you have no other medical conditions, are aged between 18 and 65 years, or take no other medications, you are more likely to experience dizziness and unsteadiness while standing, raising the risk of falls. Xanax XR 3mg may impair your reaction skills and affect your ability to operate machinery or drive. Common side effects of Xanax Xr 3mg include depression, drowsiness, diarrhea, headache, dry mouth, and increased or decreased appetite.

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