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Different Variation of Solis Tractor Tyres

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Technology coupled with agriculture has brought about one of the most positive changes to the world of farming in recent yesteryears. With the world population reaching a high of 7.7 billion as on November 2018, the food demand has gone higher up the chart. With the intention of eradicating the gap between the demand-supply chart and to bring in more technological advancements into modern agricultural practices, International Tractors Limited (ITL) set on a revolutionary journey in 1996. Providing high-quality products to farming communities worldwide, ITL, with the brand name SOLIS, offers agricultural solutions for all kinds of farming requirements.

SOLIS, a manufacturer of tractors, farm machinery attachments, engines, diesel gensets, auto components and pick & carry cranes, has now established itself as the 3rd largest of its kind in India and 6th largest globally. With a workforce of over 5,500 employees with 400+ Engineers into R&D and Design, SOLIS is empowering 900,000 farmers all over the world, helping them realize their dreams of taking agriculture to a new high. With a production of 300,000 tractors annually and a sale of 900,000 tractors worldwide, the brand has gained the trust of farmers in 140+ countries outside India. In fact, Solis Tractors for sale UK is the only Indian company to deliver services in 33 countries in Europe, reaching a sale of 12,000 tractors across the continent.

The company, with its matchless quality of products and services, has reached a high of 35% growth in international trades during the initial period of FY 2018. The recent collaboration with YANMAR Japan has proved to be a turning stone for SOLIS tractors and has opened up great future opportunities for SOLIS. Setting benchmarks across domains of sales, service, R&D and more, the brand strives to transform agricultural mechanization and become the top agricultural equipment manufacturers across the globe.

Decide Whether You Need A 2WD or A 4WD

If you are going to use your mini tractor primarily for front implements, 4WD may be a better option than 2WD. It is also worth noting that 4WD tractors have a higher resale value than 2WD tractors. Once you have made up your mind, get into the basics.


It is a good idea to conduct a pressure test on the hydraulics system to ensure it is functioning at the correct psi capacity mentioned on the manufacturer’s spec sheet for the make and model of tractor you are looking at. One way to test this is to check the full range of the rams by extending them while supporting a heavy load. To check that there are no leaks keep the load in a holding position. If you sense any chattering noises coming from the pump while lifting the load, it could indicate that the pump is getting an insufficient flow of hydraulic fluid.


A clogged filter can affect the performance of the tractor’s engine, and it can also make the tractor work harder than it needs to. As a result, this can drastically shorten the tractor’s lifespan and reduce its resale


Solis offers a wide variety of tyres with different models. Most of the Solis tractors can be fitted with any tyre as Solis offers a multi tyre option to choose the right one for you. Still, it’s important to consider the overall property condition and the type of attachments you will use before making any purchases. So, below are the features and quality of Solis tractor tyres.

Agri Tyres – Agri tyres are best suited for situations where grip and traction are more important, such as wet soil conditions, which can be used in paddy fields or wooded areas. Compared to turf and HDI tyres, they have an open treat with more void.

Turf tyres – Turf tyres have a small diamond pattern with a shallow button style tread. Best suited for the protection of grass lawns, playgrounds and golf courses. These tyres are ideal for applications where they can operate without causing any damage to the ground.

GP Tyres – These are the tyres especially used for orchids, vineyards and gardening, thus best suited with the Narrow tractor series. The Galaxy Garden Pro tyre has low rolling resistance for excellent fuel economy and is available in the Narrow tractor series.

HDI Tyres –These tyres have wider lugs than Agri tyres and shallower voids to avoid disturbance in dry soil conditions. Their unique build results in a greater load-bearing surface than the Agri tyres and more grip than the turf tyres. These tyres are the best option to go, which offers more grip and less ground disturbance as well. Resulting in one of the most popular choices for Solis compact tractors.

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